Romania: Part One

Riding a bicycle that has bags loaded over two racks, things strapped, stuffed, and dangling off of nearly every inch of empty space draws a certain amount of attention from locals. Frequently, we are asked about our destination, the weight … Continue reading

There’s Something About Mountains

The Carpathians; inhabited largely by tradition, cattle farmers , wild berries and the ever present cool mountain fog. We climb into the heart of Ukraine’s only mountain range, and frolic along its highest ridgeline, by way of steep, curly, and … Continue reading

Россия: A Quick Note

Russia. An incredibly vast and diverse land and people. It houses a language that caresses my dumb American ears. My time here is almost up, and I unfortunately have been so occupied with experience that writing has been largely neglected. Please accept my apologies for the quality of photos, as I struggle not only to find a place to develop film but also a place to scan photos in.

I solemnly swear to write more on this wholly hospitable country and my travels within it very soon. In a few days, I will pack, again, and return to Helsinki to meet my bike partner and we will ride, ride, ride.


The view from my door


Our Savoir on the Blood


Spring has finally arrived and elderly women sell daffodils at the entrances/exits of public transportation

The sun sets more lazily each day, and rises so early that it shrinks the night to an event of only a handful of hours.