Trouble in the Hills: A Brief Account

Broke a rack, blew up a cable housing, bent a derailleur, had all the hardware in a crankshaft replaced, ripped holes in shirts, socks, pants; used a lot of duct tape and limped to nearest cities where we were wholly adopted by big bicycle families.
We’ve been traveling for a few days with a french cyclist who is racing to Kazakhstan on his solar powered bicycle for The Sun Trip.
We made it to the Black Sea and swam in its waters alongside fat jellyfish.
We made it to Crimea, also.
3200 KM so far, 41 days cycling. 1 flat and a lot of roadkill.

Wooden splint to make it to the next city

70 KM in one day over cobblestones treats no bike well.

After climbing 10% grade affter 10% grade


Bike hospital

Bicycle family

What’s in your panniers?



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