Turkey Pens II Climbing Trip (Photos)

For the previous three Thanksgiving seasons, a few friends and I have traveled to Alabama in order to spend some quality time with our favorite southern family, the sweet, sweet Cooks of Birmingham. The tradition began as a focused climbing trip designed to send us south to warm weather and cloudless skies. On the first dreaded rainy day of that first fated trip, the Cook family made the mistake of inviting us to their warm and dry home. Upon introducing ourselves, unbeknownst to them, we were already drumming up ideas for our next trip–including but not limited to cordially, and formally,  inviting ourselves via snail mail to Thanksgiving dinner.

Each year we returned, our trips grew less focused on climbing and more focused on spending time with this incredible family who was kind enough to accept us, feed us, and love us as if we were their very own.

These are photographs from our most recent experience.

1201 502 1002 601 10 702 1502 1302 13 12 1602 801

For even more photos, check out www.flickr.com/liveatthecroc .

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