New Orleans to West Virginia: Fall Bike Tour

Adventure Cycling Association‘s monthly magazine publication and my incessant drooling upon every touring specific bicycle I chanced to happen upon helped me to decide a tour of my own might be the remedy for such an angst. This is when I placed a tender probing ad onto the ACA’s “Companions Wanted” forum: Looking for month long southeast US companion. A bit of experience helpful as the only touring I have done has been restricted to overnights. What I lack in mechanical skills I compensate with much backpacking/stealth camping experience and knowledge.

Shortly thereafter, I received two responses. One seemed incredibly promising. After a few brief introductory emails and one long phone conversation, my burning desire had become a reality and a month long bicycle tour across the southeast materialized.

This is our route. We plan to leave the beginning of October.,-84.331055&spn=19.51531,38.320313&source=gplus-ogsb


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