Expedition Lapland

This coming spring I am flying to Finland with my bicycle, my skis, my warmest clothing and my friend, Alan. We plan to ski from the eastern side of Lapland to the western side; from the Russian border to the Swedish. The entire 40+ days will be spent above the Arctic Circle, in temperatures consistently well below freezing, mostly in the dark and seeing only one another for weeks at a time.

It isn’t that either of us are utterly consumed with cross country skiing or with freezing our asses off while trying to saw a hole through the ice in hopes of trying to catch a fish, bludgeon it to death and then fry it up for dinner. One of us has a lovely lady in Finland who incessantly calls out to his heart and the other harbors quite an affinity for both solitude and all things slow. Both of us count the days until our departure.

7 thoughts on “Expedition Lapland

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    • Yes, absolutely. We plan on flying over sometime in March (our dates are the least concrete thing) after my friend returns from a climbing expedition in Patagonia. We will see ourselves off from Kaamasen Kievari and follow features like frozen lakes, rivers or premade trails where we can. Then we will stop in Inari which is the last real city, them Lemmenjoki, then Peltovuoma, then Hetta, Kaaresuvanto, Luontotalo, then up to the highest point in Finland; Halti, then back south east to Saana and then to Luontotalo again. All of this being within the northern borders of Finland.
      I will absolutely be outlining the trip once it happens in addition to updating presently dictating the planning process (really the obtaining of gear and the preparation skiing).
      Also, there is yet to come a post about my plans after the ski trip, those being to ride my bicycle from southern Finland following loosely the border of Russia, down to Sliven, Bulgaria.

      • That’s great indeed. I am very glad that You selected Finland. Anyway, I think that it will not be easy.

        If You have time, then take a look at my car holiday

        Beyond the Arctic Circle1

        There are many posts, always there is link to back and forward. I am sure that it gives to something.

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